Year-End Awards

High Point Year-End Award
This perpetual trophy was donated in 2013 by Halton Equine Veterinary Services. The trophy replaces the Golden Whip Award and is to be presented yearly to the TCCA member who has achieved the highest composite score in that year's show season. A competitor's composite score is obtained by totaling all the individual class scores for that particular competitor.

2013   Wendy Inch
2014   Janice Elgersman
2015   Bob Hanenberg
2016   Anne Marie Anderson
2017   Jackie Shute
2018   Jackie Shute
2019   Sharon Crawford-Mackay
2020 & 2021   Not given due to COVID-19 Pandemic
2022   Klaas Steenbeek

Dr. House Volunteer Award
This perpetual award is given in memory of Dr. House by his family. It is given yearly to a volunteer who has made a significant contribution to the organization through their volunteer activities. The winner is determined by the board.

2010   Sue Nicholas
2011   Jean McLean
2012   Ross & Avril Brown
2013   Barb Bowen & Al Brick
2014   Valerie Williams
2015   Marcelle Grimes
2016   Terry Wilkes
2017   Greig McKenzie
2018   Jim Schultz
2019   Janet Zizian
2020   David & Lynda Davies
2021   Suzan Greenhalgh
2022   Nancy Ireland

Tri-County Carriage Association Spirit Award
This new award was kindly donated by Hawksview Farms in 2013. The award is presented to the TriCounty Carriage Association member who best demonstrates the Spirit of TCCA. The successful candidate should show enthusiasm, sportsmanship and interest in the sport of carriage driving. They must show a desire to be a positive influence to others. The recipient can be a volunteer, competitor, social driver or any combination. The winner is chosen by the board.

2013   Agneta Knight
2014   Debbie Hewson
2015   Vicki Cork
2016   Georgina Rattray
2017   Judi Morris
2018   Alan Ford
2019   Elaine Johnson
2020   Ken Armstrong
2021   Grace Robertson
2022   Carolyn Aarup